Walking with Merrell Boots and Shoes

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Now is the time of year to get out and enjoy the gorgeous Autumn colours in the parks and up the mountains. We are so lucky in Ireland in that we are surrounded by beautiful walks so if you are about to take up walking seriously, pop into Foot Solutions to try on our new range of Merrell Walking and Hiking boots and shoes.

Merrell have been around for years and enjoy a great reputation amongst walkers and hikers. Merrell footwear work very well in our Foot Solutions stores because they are wider and more comfortable than a lot of other brands out there. And the icing on the cake is that they work extremely well with our Customised Arch Supports and of course that they are waterproof.


From Merrell’s very first custom made Hiker boots their latest product innovation are made with their 4 core values:

Merrell believe that doing what you love should feel good, both mentally and physically. Climbing Everest is taxing enough without blisters the size of pancakes on your feet. They make their products to fit as comfortably as possible.
Merrell gear is made to look right, feel right and perform right. Their beauty is not only skin-deep! Merrell go to great lengths to ensure that form, feel and functionality all come together seamlessly.
Merrell stands for durable, high-performance products that last. Like Stonehenge last. Like mummified King Tut last. They build their gear to hold up in the harshest conditions, over, and over again.
These boots were made for walking, and running, and hiking and climbing mountains, or just sitting around, really. Merrell fits a wide variety of people, for a wide variety of adventures. Merrell are about ground breaking multi-sport technology.


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