What is the General Cause of Metatarsalgia?

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Metatarsalgia is another name for foot pain.  In many cases, the pain is located in the center of the foot, between the arch and the toes (i.e under the ball of the foot).  Many different conditions can result in this type of foot pain.

Sometimes, something as minor as a callus can cause foot pain.  A callus is simply a buildup of dry skin that caused by pressure against the bone.  Calluses often develop on the bottom of the feet.

More often than not, foot pain is caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes.  In particular, shoes that don’t fit properly often cause foot pain.

It’s not just shoes that are too tight that cause foot pain; shoes that are too big can cause pain, as well.  If the shoes are too tight, they put excessive pressure on the feet.  If the shoes are too big, they leave space where the foot can move around inside the shoe, which results in the foot sliding, rubbing, and enduring friction.

If you have pain on the bottom of the foot, it could be caused by inflammation of a joint or a torn ligament.

Metatarsalgia Solutions

If you have pain in your feet, try these preliminary measures to alleviate your pain.  First, wear proper shoes.  They should be sturdy and supportive.  You can also purchase orthotic devices or shoe inserts to wear inside your shoes for extra support.

There are many types of arch supports available that are intended for flat feet or high arches, and you can also get custom arch supports (shoe inserts) made specifically to fit your feet.

If calluses are the source of your foot pain, then your feet need a little pampering.  Begin by soaking your feet in warm water.  You can add Epsom salts, if you like (ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice on this).  Once the feet on your skin has had time to soften, you can gently remove the callus with a file or pumice stone. (Note: Diabetics should always seek medical advice before treating calluses etc)

When you are choosing supportive shoes, make sure that they fit properly.  Your shoes should fit well both in length and width so that they don’t cause cramping.  It’s always a good idea to have your feet measured at least once a year.

Many people don’t realize that the feet often change sizes over time.  Weight gain, pregnancy, and just the normal process of aging can cause the feet to change size.  You might be surprised to learn that you have been wearing the wrong size shoes.  If so, relieving your foot pain can be as simple as purchasing shoes that are the correct size.

Wearing flat shoes that have a low heel is the best choice for preventing foot pain.  If you must wear a higher heel, stick with heels under two inches tall at a maximum.

Wide, chunky heels are a better alternative to stilettos.  They provide you with a more stable base of support and minimize the risk of tripping or spraining an ankle.  Avoid wearing flip flops, as well.  Flip flops fail to provide the feet with any sort of support.

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