What You Can Do for Foot Problems?

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Do you suffer from foot problems?  Many people do; in fact, foot pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain.

Perhaps your job involves standing all day.  You are on your feet, standing still in one spot while operating a cash register, or production line, for example.  A few hours into your shift, your feet are really sore.  By the time you clock out and go home for the day, your feet are killing you.

Or maybe you do a lot of walking on the job.  You could be a nurse, going in and out of patients’ rooms all day, or a delivery person dropping packages at home after home.  Your feet are sure to be sore and tired after a day’s work.

For others who suffer from foot problems, their job is not the issue.  Their daily responsibilities may involve something more sedentary, like sitting at a computer.  Leisure time, however, may be limited to activities that don’t require too much time on their feet.  Subsequently, long walks on hard surfaces, or park areas can prove too much to endure & can lead to sore feet.

There are many different issues that can cause foot problems, but there are also some fairly simple remedies.

What Causes Foot Problems?

There are many different conditions that can cause foot pain.  If you have either high arches or flat feet, your feet may need additional support.  Walking or standing for long periods of time can strain the feet and cause quite a bit of pain.

Strain on the feet that goes untreated can result in the development of plantar fasciitis.  In this condition, the ligament that runs along the underside of the foot can become strained and develop tiny tears.

Medical conditions like arthritis and diabetes can also cause foot problems.  Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout are common culprits.  Being overweight can cause foot problems, as well.  The increased pressure on the feet due to excess weight and stress on the joints can result in pain in the feet. Even pregnancy can cause foot problems due to the buildup of fluid and increased weight.

Exercise can cause foot problems, as well.  Forms of exercise that are high-impact, like running and aerobics, can be very stressful on the feet.  High-impact exercise can cause anything from a minor blister on the foot to more serious plantar fasciitis or stress fractures.

What Can I Do For My Foot Problems?

There are several steps that you can take to alleviate your foot problems.  First, take good care of your entire body.  If you are overweight, try to lose weight.  Even losing a small amount of weight can drastically reduce the pressure on your joints and relieve foot pain.

When you exercise, choose low-impact forms of exercise.  Try swimming or riding an exercise bike; these gentle exercises will burn calories and build strength without being so hard on your joints and feet.

If your foot problems are related to a medical condition, manage that medical condition as well as possible.  Keep in contact with your doctor, take your medication, and report any changes in symptoms.

The most important thing that you can do for foot problems is to wear shoes that fit properly.  Ill-fitting shoes are a major contributor to foot pain. We can fit you with the best type of shoe for you, and we can provide you with custom made arch supports to make sure that your shoes conform to meet your specific needs.

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