Your Feet, Your Freedom – The Benefits of Movement

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Anyone who has experienced foot pain or any kind of foot problem will know the inconvenience of being less mobile. Healthy, pain-free feet allow you to move more and enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to get out and about.

Taking care of our feet is as essential as any other aspect of our health and fitness. After all, your feet are your freedom.

Your Feet, Your Freedom

When your feet are healthy and problem-free, you have the freedom of movement needed for a busy life. From running everyday errands to keeping active, having healthy feet means being able to do the things you love.

Whether you like walking, running, gardening, tennis or golf – don’t let foot, knee or back pain get in your way. Let Foot Solutions help you stay active.

The Benefits of Movement

Whichever way you like to incorporate movement into your life, you are benefiting your mind as well as your body.

By walking the dog, learning to tango or biking to work, you are strengthening your body and your brain. Adding 20 – 30 minutes of purposeful movement a day can reduce the risk of illnesses like dementia, heart disease and depression.

Regular movement can also help with:

  • Stronger bones – another great way to prevent the risk of foot problems
  • Better balance – movement helps muscles which in turn help improve balance and coordination.
  • Better flexibility – when we move more, our joints benefit and become more flexible. Be sure to fit in a few stretches for your joints every day.
  • Better sleep – a daily routine of movement can help improve sleep by reducing stress.

Why We Need To Keep Moving

In our younger years, we might take our ability to move for granted. Never questioning whether we can walk, dance, swim or jog pain-free. The truth is that no matter what age we are, it is vital to move more every day.

When you stop moving or even just move less, your muscles and bones start to lose strength very quickly. In as little as one day, your muscles become smaller and reduced movement means weaker bones. As you get older, the risk of muscle waste and bone density issues increases. For less risk of foot problems, you need to keep your bones and muscles strong. By staying active and keeping your body strong and flexible, you are also reducing the risk of injury.

Make A Plan To Move More

If we have learnt one thing over the last 18 months, it is that Ireland has an abundance of places to visit and things to do. With the gradual easing of Covid-19 restrictions finally happening, now is your opportunity to get out and enjoy them. Some of our favourite spots near our eight nationwide stores include:

  • Garnish Island, Cork – This tiny island is packed with tropical plants thanks to its unique microclimate. It’s also home to hundreds of seals and a family of golden eagles and a great place for a walk.
  • The Waterford Greenway – A beautiful spot to walk or cycle with the family. This route has stunning views of the sea and passes over bridges, viaducts, through a tunnel and even a fairy forest.
  • Clare Glens Waterfall, Limerick – Take a stroll along the Glare Glens trail to visit one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets. The Clare Glens Waterfall is sheltered by a canopy of native trees that reflect in the pools of this breathtaking location.
  • Burren Nature Sanctuary, Galway – Just outside the city, is a preserved piece of Irish paradise. Here you can stroll around flower-filled meadows and woodland, take a pig for a walk (yes, really), and witness the phenomenon of a disappearing lake.
  • Newbridge Towpaths – not only does county Kildare boast two canals (the Grand and the Royal), but it is also home to the Barrow Way. These three tranquil waterways all have well-maintained towpaths that can be enjoyed on foot or by bike.
  • Blessington Street Basin, Dublin – Hidden away behind the streets of Dublin’s north side is an unexpected beauty spot. The Blessington Street Basin was originally a reservoir for drinking water but was restored as a park in the 1930s.

It’s not just county travel that is opening up as the weather warms up either. Golf clubs are open again, gyms and swimming pools are preparing to reopen, and sports groups are reuniting. If you have been itching to get moving more during the lockdown, now is the perfect time to try a new active hobby!

The Freedom To Take The Trip Of A Lifetime

Kate Linehan is proof that you don’t need to suffer from foot problems to visit Foot Solutions. The 17-year-old student called into our Cork store before setting off on the Camino in Spain with her school-mates. Kate knew, that by looking after her feet she could avoid foot problems along the way and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

“We did the final section of the French Way, which is a 111 km walk from Sarria into Santiago de Compostela. I know the Camino can be tough on your feet and someone told me to check for a pair of runners in Foot Solutions before I go. So I went in and the staff there were great, helping me to choose the runners that were just right for me. I bought a pair of Brooks and wore them every day when I was walking the Camino. They gave me loads of support and cushioned my feet so I didn’t suffer from any blisters or anything, so it was fantastic. I like to stay active all the time, playing hockey and at the gym. I still get plenty of use out of the runners doing all that”.

Avoid Foot Problems

Keep pain at bay and prevent foot problems by availing of our expertise. We want to help you stay healthy and to enjoy your freedom and movement. Let our helpful Foot Solutions pedhortists help you find a solution to your foot discomfort or pain. Book your free appointment today.