Move More – Make The Most Of Your Summer Staycation

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There’s no denying that we’re seeing a lot more blue sky and warm sunshine at the moment. Albeit with intermittent showers of hailstones and gusts of wind. This positive change in weather can only mean one thing – it’s time to start planning for summer.

Whatever you’re planning for the warmer months, don’t let foot pain get in the way of your fun. Whether you’re planning an Irish staycation, weekends hiking or diving into wild swimming, you deserve to be pain-free.

Staycationing In Ireland

Ireland is a small country packed with a near endless list of sites and adventures. A staycation on the south coast could take you anywhere from exploring spooky Spike Island to swimming off Barley Cove. Drive east for walking tours in Dublin or pony trekking in Carlow or go west for Atlantic adventures. And let’s not forget the mountains and lakes of Tipperary and ancient castles of Ireland’s midland counties.

With so much to see and do (and a guaranteed brief summer), it would be a shame to let foot pain hold you back. Have your foot pain diagnosed by a Foot Solutions professional or ask for advice about the best staycation shoes before you go.


Make The Most Of The Outdoors

Our summers may be brief and changeable, but we can enjoy ourselves no end with proper preparation and the right clothes.

The milder weather of Summer is perfect for enjoying time outdoors, be that gardening, BBQ-ing, or exploring new trails. Summer is an opportunity to recharge after the long cold months.

Being outdoors more is a chance to soak in some much-needed vitamin D from the sun. This handy vitamin helps your body build and maintain healthy bones, which is great for preventing foot pain. Luckily you don’t need it to be sunny to absorb vitamin D; even our Irish summer sun will work.

Moving more is possibly one of the best ways to spend a summer in Ireland. You’re less likely to notice the changeable weather when you are having a blast biking or kayaking at the coast. You will also reap a whole host of health benefits from getting up and out – including strong muscles and joints.

Getting out in the fresh air with walks along Ireland’s many beaches or coastal paths is a great way to stay active. Researchers have proven that exercise outside can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress—just the ticket for a relaxing summer break.

Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

Our feet may look simple enough, but they are made of many important parts. When one part starts to hurt or is injured, it can affect the whole foot and even lead to pain in the hips, knees and back. Common foot pain causes include:

When foot pain is left unchecked and untreated, it can have an impact on your quality of life. No one should feel like it’s ok to live with pain, and yet so many of us put off getting painful feet looked at.

Let our helpful pedhortists help you get ready for a summer to remember – a summer with no foot pain.

Along with addressing any foot concerns you have, we stock a large range of summer shoes, sandals and trainers in Foot Solutions for both Men and Women.

From Hip Pain And Sciatica To Lake Walks And Mini Marathons

After a few years of suffering from hip pain and sciatica, Carmel Mythen visited Foot Solutions in Stillorgan Co. Dublin. ‘I had tried over-the-counter insoles from other shops, but they weren’t really having any effect. The two things I noticed in Foot Solutions were the expertise of the staff and the fact that they could design a solution just for me.’

Carmel went through a full assessment in Foot Solutions. This included an examination, a scan to generate a contour map of her foot, and an interview to allow staff to fully understand her lifestyle and leisure activities.
‘I’ve always been a keen walker,’ says Carmel. ‘I used to love taking off around Glendalough and Bray Head when I had the time. Unfortunately, I was no longer able to do it due to the pain in my feet and hip.’

Foot Solutions built a customised orthotic insole and recommended a suitable pair of shoes. ‘I don’t want to give the impression that I was cured overnight. It was a few weeks wearing the shoes and insoles before I noticed any improvement. Let’s just say things kept improving after that. I walked the women’s marathon last year, and now I walk 10km three times a week. It’s also made a big difference in my work life. I’m an accountant, and before I went to Foot Solutions, I would have had trouble walking to and from the printer. Now that I’m back exercising in the proper shoes for me, it’s no problem at all.’

Carmel has also noticed an improvement in her state of mind. ‘I found it very frustrating when I couldn’t go out walking. I’m not the type of person to go to the gym, and you’d start to worry then about putting on weight. So being able to get out on my favourite walks again is fantastic for me.’  She now gets a selection of shoes from Foot Solutions. ‘Kayt, the lady I deal with in Stillorgan, is great. She keeps an eye on the new ranges as they come in and gives me a call if she sees something I might like. She also sorted me out with runners, walking boots and sandals to make sure I have the correct support whenever or wherever I want to go for a walk. I had spent a lot of money on specialist runners in another shop, but they did nothing to ease the discomfort.

Now that the pain has gone, I can wear a nice pair of dress shoes from anywhere on a night out. That’s fantastic. But to be honest, I find I can get every type of shoe I want in Foot Solutions. It’s where I go for shoes.’

Get Ready For A Summer Of Fun

When you start planning your summer staycation for 2021, book into Foot Solutions for a free consultation. Let our helpful pedhortists help you find a solution to your foot discomfort and pain so you can make the most of summer. Book an appointment online at your nearest store.