Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Workout

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What is your favourite way to exercise? Whether you’re a runner, a gym addict or a keen rower, you must ensure that you have the correct kit to train safely and to prevent injuries or pain. One of the most important considerations is the shoes you are wearing, since poorly fitted shoes can lead to painful foot conditions that can stop you training at all.

You will get much more benefit from your workout when you wear the right shoes, since they will reduce the shock your feet receive and cushion the muscles and bones to prevent injury. This will enable you to train for longer and more effectively, and to avoid common training injuries such as fractures, sprains and plantar fasciitis.

Which Are The Best Training Shoes For You?

The best kind of training shoes for you will depend upon your foot type and the type of exercise you are doing. Different styles work better for different types of activity, and the following tips may be helpful:

  • For walking, it can be most beneficial to wear shoes that are flexible, especially in the ball of the foot, since this helps to support the arches as the weight is transferred through the foot. Running shoes do not often have enough cushioning for this, and tendon problems commonly
    result from walking in running shoes. If you are hill-walking, or hiking, you may wish to consider boots for a more supportive style that may be better for your ankles.
  • Sports which involve a side-to- side motion, such as tennis, require shoes that have flat treads and a great deal of stability to allow you to change direction quickly.
  • You might think that it doesn’t matter what sort of shoes you wear for weightlifting, but this is not true. The best shoes for weightlifting will be stiffer than other styles, to help with stability, and will ideally have a raised heel to allow for an increased range of motion, keeping the body upright and allowing for deep squats.
  • The sort of shoes that are most effective for cyclists are light and aerodynamic, and you should choose carefully to ensure you have the best style for indoor or outdoor cycling, depending on your preference.
  • If your training programme involves crossfit training, which combines cardio and strength training, you should opt for shoes that offer minimal support, the ability to move freely, and a stable base.

The best way to find the best shoes for your sport is to visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions and seek help from professional shoe fitters to find out which styles will give you the most benefit.

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