Finding Comfortable Shoes for Bunions

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Comfortable Shoes for BunionsIf you have bunions, you know that it can be difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably.  A bunion is a bony growth on the big toe, and that extra knob of bony growth can make your foot wider.  As a result, off-the-shelf shoes may not be wide enough to accommodate your feet.  Many people who have bunions struggle with this inability to find shoes that fit properly.

Bunions often develop because a person has been wearing ill-fitting shoes to begin with; high heels are a common culprit.  Most high heels have a particularly narrow toe box, which forces the toes into an area that is too small for them.  This problem is compounded by the height of the heels.

The heel pushes the pressure of the entire body onto the ball and toes of the foot.  This is too much pressure for your toes to take.  It deforms the shape of the foot, and causes bunions to develop.  A bunion that develops on a toe other than the big toe is known as a bunionette.  Some people are more prone to develop bunions due to heredity, regardless of what type of shoes they wear.

Bunions don’t go away.  They can be surgically removed, but there is still the possibility that they will grow back after surgery.  You can minimize the pain associated with bunions by wearing comfortable shoes.  The best shoes for bunions are wide and deep enough to fit comfortably around the bunion.  Use this guide to finding comfortable shoes for bunions.

  1. Go shopping at the right time of day.  Feet tend to be different sizes at different times of day depending on how swollen they are.  You should buy shoes that fit your feet when they are at their most swollen state.  This allows plenty of room so that your feet don’t get cramped as they swell.  Feet tend to be most swollen late in the day, since they have been in use for hours.  This means that it is best for most people to go shoe shopping in the late afternoon or evening.  This way, you will get the most accurate fit.
  2. Select a pair of shoes that have a toe box that is wide and deep.  This type of toe box allows plenty of space for bunions.  Have your feet professionally measured at a custom shoe shop, where the employees will help you find the shoe width that is appropriate for you.  Custom shoe shops like Foot Solutions carry a larger selection of shoe widths than department stores.  Comfort shoe brands like Mephisto, Wolky, and Finn Comfort will provide a more comfortable fit for people with bunions.
  3. Always try shoes on before you buy them.  Many people make the mistake of buying the size that they think they wear without actually trying the shoes on their feet.  You should always wear the shoes around the store before you purchase them in order to make sure that they fit comfortably and that they don’t rub against your bunions.  If you can detect any friction with the shoe, then you should try a wider or deeper shoe.
  4. Try orthotic inserts or bunion pads.  Customize your shoes to get the perfect fit by adding orthotic inserts or bunion pads.
  5. Custom shoes guarantee the perfect fit.  If you can’t find off-the-shelf shoes to fit comfortably, then custom shoes may be the answer for you.

Visit Foot Solutions in your area to find comfortably shoes for bunions.  We have all of the tools for finding comfortably shoes for bunions, including orthotic inserts and custom shoes.