Fitness Walking: How To Make It More Fun

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Here at Foot Solutions, we often meet customers who are beginning a new exercise routine and want to find great training shoes. This is a very important consideration, since your feet come under greater pressure when you are exercising and you need to ensure that they are cushioned and supported in the right way to prevent foot pain.

Fitness walking is a very popular way to get fit, with digital fitness trackers enabling walkers to track how fast and how far they are moving, and to count the number of steps they manage to achieve each day. Any form of exercise is more beneficial and easier to fit into your life when it is more fun, and our top tips on making fitness walking more effective will enable you to enjoy it more and get fitter more quickly.

Making Fitness Walking More Fun

1. Vary your route. You can keep your interest and motivation high by varying the route that you walk each day. Explore areas of natural beauty near to your home, or pick an area that offers a lot of variety and discover it bit by bit. If you live in an area with access to hills and the coast, you will be able to make the most of the countryside and beaches and increase your geographical knowledge as your fitness improves.

2. Challenge yourself. You are much more likely to stay motivated if you have goals to work towards, so set challenges for yourself as you become fitter. You can try increasing the distance you are aiming for, walking further each day, or speed up your pace so that you cover the same route more quickly as you progress. There are often fitness challenges aimed at raising money for charity, so look out for these and see if you can find one that inspires you.

3. Make it sociable. Like most things in life, exercise can be more fun if you connect with others and make it a social occasion. Join with a local walking group or arrange to meet with friends for regular fitness walks, and enjoy talking and laughing as you all increase your stamina and strength.

4. Add balance walking poles. Adding balance walking poles will immediately improve your posture and make walking more comfortable, which helps you to go further and faster, burning more fat. Using poles is helpful if you have any existing pain, and it also ensures that your core is engaged during your fitness walk, which means that you maximise the benefit and the enjoyment of the experience.

Find Training Shoes To Prevent Foot Pain

When you are exercising, it’s very important to wear the right shoes and ensure that your feet are properly supported throughout. Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions for a professional fitting, and talk to us about finding the best styles for your feet.

Pop into Foot Solutions today and try our stylish and comfortable ranges of shoes for work, training or casual wear. Our friendly and helpful team will be happy to help you to find the best shoes for your feet and your lifestyle.