Foot Orthotics for Foot Pain Relief

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We put a lot of pressure on our feet.  Every single day, our feet carry our body weight while we work, clean the house, and run errands.  It’s only natural that a long day of being on our feet will make our feet hurt, right?  Well, the truth is that your feet shouldn’t hurt every day.  You don’t have to tolerate chronic foot pain, and you certainly shouldn’t let foot pain limit your daily activities.

One great solution is foot orthotics for foot pain relief.  Foot orthotics are custom made inserts that are worn inside your shoes.   Foot orthotics give your feet extra support in the places where they need it.  Many people experience significant pain relief thanks to using foot orthotics.

What are Foot Orthotics?

The name may seem complicated, but foot orthotics are actually a pretty simple solution for foot pain.  They are pads made out of a variety of materials, such as foam, gel, or plastic.  Orthotics are custom made to fit your feet.  When you order them, a mould will be made of your foot.  The orthotics are then cast in that mould so that they fit your feet perfectly.  As a result, the foot orthotics will give you extra support exactly where your feet need it.

For example, people who have high arches may need more support in the arch of the foot.  Have you ever noticed that no matter how many pairs of shoes you try on, you never find a pair in which the insole of the shoe actually touches the bottom of your arch?  Can you stick a finger or two between the bottom of your arch and the insole of your shoe?  If so, that is most likely contributing to your foot pain.  Foot orthotics will compensate for the shape of your foot and help to relieve pain.

Foot orthotics can also be used to correct a gait abnormality.  If you have recurrent foot pain, your doctor may recommend that you have a gait analysis.  During this procedure, the examiner will assess your gait and identify any abnormalities.  Afterward, a mould can be made of your feet in order to create orthotics that correct the abnormality of your gait.

In many stores, you can find a large selection of arch supports and other shoe inserts.  These inserts look kind of like custom orthotics.   They definitely aren’t the same product and don’t provide the same results, though.  If you look at those packages carefully, you will see that they only come in one or two sizes.  You will have to cut them down with scissors to fit inside your shoes.  They are a standard shape and size; they are not made for your individual needs.  Most of these pharmacy shoe inserts simply add a bit of cushioning to the insoles of your shoes.  They won’t give you any extra support in the places where your feet need it.  Foot orthotics are quite different, because they have been made just for you and give you exactly the support that you need.

Who Should Try Foot Orthotics?

Many people can benefit from foot orthotics.  If you have plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, or bunions, then foot orthotics can help you.  In fact, athletes and any person who frequently has foot pain can benefit from orthotics.

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