Delighted To Be Open Again!

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Businesses all over the world are adapting their approach in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and here at Foot Solutions, we have been preparing ourselves to offer you the same great service without compromising on safety.

Now that we know a little more about how to protect ourselves against the risks of Covid-19, we will be introducing a few new measures into our stores. Here, we will explain how a visit to our stores might feel a little different for now, and in case you’ve never visited us before, we will explain exactly what we do and why your feet will thank you for popping in to see us!

Peace of mind at Foot Solutions:

We’ve really missed our customers at Foot Solutions, and we’re delighted to be able to get back to work in time to help you have the best summer yet; doing the activities you enjoy and being pain free. We have taken time to consider how best to implement the government guidance on returning to work, and we’ve made a few changes to the way we operate to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. We want to reassure you, however, that you can still count on us for a personal and reliable service that puts your feet first.

It’s vital to take care of your feet, to ensure that you are comfortable walking and exercising, and to protect yourself against foot pain. Did you know that 90% of people wear shoes that are the wrong size? Foot problems such as bunions, plantar fasciitis and hammertoes are all caused or worsened by shoes that do not fit properly, and you will notice the difference straight away when you try shoes that are comfortable and supportive in all the right places.

Changes we have made to protect you:

At Foot Solutions, we are not just a shoe store. We offer a personal and comprehensive service to promote foot health and ensure our customers can enjoy a healthy, active life, and this begins with taking the time to listen to them and their concerns. We have changed the way we do things a little, to protect our staff and customers from the risk of Covid-19, but you can still expect the same attention to detail and great results we always provide. Here’s how your visit might look:

1. Visiting Our Store. Visiting your local Foot Solutions store is a great step towards happier feet, and our experienced staff will help you to feel comfortable throughout the process. Customers are asked to book appointments online or by telephone to ensure numbers in store are low and we can adhere to social distancing requirements. Our in-store seating has been rearranged to ensure easy social distancing, and signage is in place throughout stores to help with this.

2. Hygiene measures. We have introduced a hand sanitising station at the entrance to each store, at which customers are asked to sanitise their hands before putting on clear plastic gloves, which will be provided for you. Customers are also asked to wear disposable socks throughout the appointment. We ask that all customers wear a face mask when attending appointments.

3. Meet our staff. Our friendly staff at Foot Solutions are fully trained in caring for your feet, and know how important it is to help you to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your appointment. They are renowned for taking the time to listen to you, our valued customers, and they will ensure that the solution they suggest for you is specific to your needs. Our pedorthists are committed to identifying any foot problems that are causing you discomfort, and they will recommend a personalised solution to suit your feet. This may include a combination of custom orthotics, comfort socks and well fitted shoes.

4. Our Foot Assessment. Our pedorthists will offer you foot assessment service, which involves discussions about your physical history and lifestyle, as well as foot examinations and scans. First, you will be asked to complete a quick questionnaire about your general health and any pain you are experiencing, as well as your lifestyle and your exercise routine. We will discuss your current footwear choices and any problems you are having with your feet, and we will measure your feet properly, including length, width and arch length, to ensure that we recommend footwear that suits you. Our physical assessment involves palpating the foot to check flexibility, and checking for signs of pressure or strain on the feet, and we will also make a visual analysis of your gait. Each foot will be scanned to create a digital picture of the foot and a digitised 3D contour map of the sole of the foot. You will take a balance test to help our overall understanding of the way your feet are working together, and then your pedorthist will recommend a solution for you, based on the results of all of the above.

5. Our recommendations. Each customer – and each foot – is unique, and our recommendations reflect this. We often recommend a combination approach, pairing comfort socks with well fitted shoes and custom orthotics, which are created to fit your feet exactly. Custom orthotics can make a huge difference to the way in which your feet are supported, and these can be worn inside many different types of shoe. Our customers tell us that they are amazed by the difference our recommendations make, and they are delighted to get back to leading physical, active lives without pain.

Our staff have been provided with PPE, including gloves, face masks and perspex face shields or screening, and all surfaces, seating and equipment will be rigorously cleaned on a regular basis. Please do not visit our stores if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, we will be happy to re-arrange your appointment.

Our Customer Feedback:

Here at Foot Solutions, we know that foot pain can impact on your daily life in many ways, and a visit to our expert pedorthists can help you to get to the bottom of the problem and start feeling good again. Serena Ferrick, a Pharmacist in Dublin, visited us after developing continuous pain in her feet.


Serena told us:

“I went into Foot Solutions in Stillorgan Village because I needed help with continuous pain in my feet. I am a pharmacist so, as you can imagine, I am on my feet all day! At the end of each day, the soles of my feet would be burning and very painful. To keep fit, I also do a lot of walking (up to 1.5 hours per evening), so after a long day at the Pharmacy, that would cause even more pain in my feet.

Blanaid at Foot Solutions listened very carefully to all of my foot problems, recorded my lifestyle and history and then used very high tech scanning machines to identify what was causing the problems. She recommended that I wear Customised Arch Supports (custom orthotics) in comfortable footwear and I can honestly say, this has changed my life!

Up until my visit to Foot Solutions, I had been wearing pump style shoes, believing that because they were flat they would help my foot pain. But Blanaid pointed out that there wasn’t enough support in these types of shoes, and she introduced me to their stylish ranges of shoes. For the first time in my life, I found a pair of flat, supportive shoes which look terrific with my work clothes. Most importantly, they accommodate my much needed Customised Arch Supports and thanks to this combination, my feet are pain free at the end of each day. My colleagues in the Pharmacy will be running into Foot Solutions for similar help!

The BEST NEWS is that before I visited Foot Solutions, I had been having intermittent treatment to help with back and shoulder pain. Now, because the Customised Arch Supports have aligned my body, taking stress off areas, my back and shoulder pain is entirely gone!”

Visit Foot Solutions For Comfortable Feet In Ireland

Taking care of your feet can dramatically improve your quality of life, so don’t be tempted to ignore foot pain or discomfort. Whether you are walking, running or at work, it’s very important to ensure that your feet are properly supported and protected, and wearing well fitted shoes is an essential part of this. Here at Foot Solutions, we will take the time to find a personalised solution that fits with your lifestyle, and we know that you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference in how your feet feel.

You can rest assured that we are taking all safety measures and guidelines regarding Covid-19 very seriously, and your health is very important to us. We have an excellent range of footwear for exercising, work and play, including training shoes, smart shoes and sandals. Make your feet a priority this year when you contact your local store or book an appointment online now.