Why You Need To Know Your Foot Type

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What type of foot do you have? This sounds a strange question, but the answer is actually very important to the health of our feet, and to our general health. Knowing what type of foot you have can help you to understand what sort of foot problems you may be likely to develop, and how you can prevent or treat these.

It’s very important to wear shoes that suit your foot type, to avoid putting extra pressures on your feet. Talk to us at Foot Solutions to see how your feet can benefit from the right shoes, and we can carry out a free gait analysis and measure your feet properly to make sure you find the best options for you.

What Type Of Foot Do You Have?

No two feet are identical – not even your own two feet – and individual differences can influence the way you walk and any problems that may develop. However, the most common foot types are:

  1. Neutral foot/medium arch. If your heel, your big toe and the ball of your foot are all equally weighted, for example if they are equally visible in your footprint, you probably have a neutral foot. This is the most common type of foot, and is less likely to incur foot problems than the other types, although these can still develop as a result of wearing shoes that do not fit properly or exercising without taking proper care of your feet.
  2. Flat foot/low arch. A flat foot may have been flat since birth, or the arches may have fallen later in life. A flat foot will show the whole foot in a footprint, demonstrating that the individual will have reduced stability and a higher likelihood of developing problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel spursachilles tendonitis and bunions.
  3. Pes cavus/high arch. A high arch describes a foot type that will only reveal a small part of the heel and the ball of the foot, indicating that the toes do not connect fully with the ground, and weight may tend to be placed on the outside of the foot. With a high arch, the shock of impact when walking or running is absorbed by the heel and ball of the foot, causing many problems with repetitive strains, as well as heel pain, claw toes, Metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis.

Wear Good Shoes To Prevent Foot Pain

Here at Foot Solutions, we know how important it is to wear good shoes that support and cushion your feet in all the right places. Finding shoes that suit your feet could relieve foot pain and help prevent any foot problems from developing. Pop into your local store to try our latest ranges, and ensure that your feet are kept healthy in style!