Why Online Shopping can’t work for Foot Solutions Customers!

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Online shopping is here to stay!  We’ve all seen that, especially over the Christmas period.

Nuala Carey enjoying her 10 Step Process

Nuala Carey enjoying her 10 Step Process

However, here in Foot Solutions, the experience and personal service we offer is what it’s all about:

  • We need to see our customers face to face
  • We need to discuss expectations and lifestyles
  • We need to scan and measure feet
  • We need to fit orthotics and footwear directly on the feet
  • We need to discuss any medical issues which may affect feet
  • We need to check feet for:
  1. Flexibility
  2. Callousing – Pressure points
  3. Bunions and Bunionettes
  4. Corns
  5. Metpad atrophy
  6. Hammer and Mallet Toes
  7. Pronation or Supination
  8. Neuropathy and lots more ………

This is all achieved by checking the foot while in the hand.

Foot Solutions not ‘strictly’ a retail store

Although the Foot Solutions model dictates that we operate in a retail environment we do not, however, fall strictly under the retail umbrella. Whereby we do sell shoes, our main aim is to provide customers with relief from pain and discomfort through customised arch support (orthotics) and comfortable footwear.

Our 10 step process is very comprehensive in that it reveals a lot about our customers problems with their feet, knees and lower back health.  It is from this process that we arrive at recommendations which will help relieve pain and discomfort through orthotics and footwear.

Having the 'craic' at Foot Solutions

Having the ‘craic’ at Foot Solutions

What’s different about our footwear

Our footwear is carefully selected from comfort footwear available on the worldwide market. We choose footwear to suit a wide range of our customers’ issues and bi-annually we travel to footwear fairs to make sure that we have the best quality comfort footwear available.  We also understand that just because a customer may need to wear shoes to address or relieve pain and discomfort it doesn’t mean that they are happy to wear unattractive footwear.  We do try our best to select the best looking comfort shoes on the market today.  Then when we fit our customised arch supports (orthotics) in them the customer is both comfortable and happy!  That is exactly what we aim for.

Can’t get following care on line

People have to leave their homes for all of the following health care (can’t be purchased online):

  • Dental Care
  • Optical Care
  • Medical Care
  • Physiotherapy Care
  • Foot Care

It’s exactly the same for Foot Solutions customers.  Our customers really enjoy going through our 10 step process.  A lot of them say that it helps them to understand for themselves why they are having issues with their feet, knees and lower back.  Our experienced staff are very good at explaining everything in easy to understand language and that helps!

So you see – you just can’t beat the personal touch!  Why don’t you pop into your local Foot Solutions and enjoy the one to one time we spend with each and every customer.


Written by Blanaid Farrell, owner Foot Solutions, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin