Are Your Shoes Damaging Your Body?

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Did you know that the shoes you wear can affect your feet, and also your body, in both negative and positive ways? If you’ve been experiencing pain or problems in your feet, legs or back, the chances are that your shoes could be to blame.

Here at Foot Solutions, we have a wide variety of shoes for every purpose, and they are all designed to give your feet the support and cushioning they need. Finding the right shoes will help you to feel comfortable and pain free all day, and will also help to prevent foot pain or problems developing, so pop in and talk to us about the best footwear for you.

How Do Different Shoes Affect You?

Brooks1Different shoes can create specific problems in the body, so be aware that it is important to consider your footwear carefully. If you wear shoes with no support on a regular basis, for example, you are likely to incur painful foot problems that might be prevented by wearing good, supportive shoes that cushion your feet correctly.

Here are some shoes to avoid:

1. Flip-flops. Flip flops can be useful around a swimming pool while on holiday, but wearing them every day will leave you open to tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. The flat soles and lack of support mean that the ligaments and tendons in the feet are not cushioned, and the toes often attempt to ‘grip’ the shoe. We do not recommend wearing flip-flops for long periods of time, or for walking.

2. High heels. High heels are a huge problem for feet, knees and spines. Worn on a regular basis, they can cause significant skeletal problems, putting pressure on the lower back and pushing the hips and spine out of alignment. Foot problems such as bunions, stress fractures and hammertoes are all common results of the pressure such shoes put on the knees and feet, and the Achilles tendon may also be damaged, leading to pain and difficulty walking as you age.

3. Some sports shoes. There are many types of sports shoes available, and you should seek expert advice to find the right style and size for you and your lifestyle. If you wear high fashion or flimsy training shoes to exercise in, you may be at risk of foot injuries and pain, and problems such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis are common.

Find Shoes That Can Prevent Foot Pain

Wearing good quality, well-designed shoes can protect your feet from pain and prevent problems developing in the future. Finding the best shoes for you can help to relieve existing foot conditions, and you do not have to choose between comfort and style.

Pop into Foot Solutions today and talk to us about the different options available to you. We can carry out a gait analysis, and our friendly and helpful team will be pleased to help you to find the best shoes for your feet.