What’s Holding Your Mum Back?

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Mothers day

Did you know that many women have problems with their feet, knees and back and that these issues can stop them from doing the activities they enjoy? Have you noticed that your Mum has eased off on walking or has stepped back from a sport or hobby she normally enjoys?

As we all know many Mums do not prioritise their own well being because they are usually too busy putting everyone else first. They work behind the scenes, making sure that the whole family have what they need and are well looked after.

So if you’ve noticed that a foot problem is holding your mother back in some way, and you are looking for a gift that will really make a difference in her life this Mother’s Day; why not consider booking a free assessment for Foot Solutions? It’s a great idea to encourage her to put her feet first and start the process of finding a real solution, a solution that allows her to get back to doing all those things she loves.

Ideas for Mother’s Day

What does your Mum love to do? If you suspect that injury, foot discomfort or foot pain is holding her back, you can incorporate some extra special foot care into a Mother’s Day gift to remember.

Here are some suggestions to keep your Mum smiling, on Mother’s Day and beyond:

  • Give her a break. Most mothers do not care for expensive gifts on Mother’s Day, and would just love to have their contribution to the family appreciated for the day. Take the pressure off your mum by giving her a day of rest, cooking her a special dinner and taking care of all the household tasks she normally fits into her day. She’ll love to know that you’ve thought about her and recognised how much she manages to do for the family in her daily life.
  • Book some TLC. Many mothers experience aches and pains – often because they are so busy – and they don’t often treat themselves to the TLC they need to solve these problems. You can give your mum a treat to remember when you book her a foot massage or a reflexology treatment, which will allow her to relax and recharge, as well as taking the pressure off her feet for a few hours.
  • Take her to Foot Solutions. Mothers are quick to minimise their own problems, ignoring foot pain for long periods of time while they are caring for everyone else. Make sure your mum knows that she shouldn’t put herself at the bottom of the list, and book her an appointment for a free foot assessment at Foot Solutions. This includes a full consultation with one of our friendly pedorthists, including foot scans, observations and a variety of tests. This assessment will take around 30 minutes, and your pedorthist will then recommend a solution for you. This personalised solution is likely to involve a combination of orthotics, comfort socks and footwear that is suitable for your feet. Clients are often surprised at how effectively these expert recommendations can be in resolving foot pain and making your feet feel great again. It would be a real treat that lasts long after Mother’s Day is over.
  • Buy her good supporting shoes. When you visit Foot Solutions with your mum, and with the help of our friendly pedorthist, your Mum will be able to try several different types of shoes to find the very best options for her feet. Since the foot assessment is completely free of charge, your gift to your mum could be a new pair of comfortable supporting shoes, recommended by her pedorthist, or a voucher that she can put towards the cost of her new footwear. Here at Foot Solutions, we have a great range of shoes in many styles, including shoes for work, casual wear and exercising. We have many top name brands and shoes that are exclusively chosen for Foot Solutions, so there’s no need to choose between comfort and style, you can have both.


  • Take her out for lunch. If your mother does most of the cooking at home, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to say thank you by taking her out for a lovely meal. Consider what sort of food she enjoys and take the chance to treat her to something delicious that she has not had to prepare herself – she’s sure to be delighted! If funds are tight this year, you can still show your mum that you appreciate her when you cook her a delicious meal at home and treat her to a Mother’s Day lunch to remember. Pick a family favourite or try something completely different, and make sure that she puts her feet up and relaxes while you are preparing and cooking the food.
  • Show her that you care. All most mums wish for on Mother’s Day is to feel that they are truly valued, and taking the time to show your mum how much she means to you is a very special gift. Make some time to really listen to her and ask her how she is feeling – and don’t overlook any clues that suggest that all is not well. If she raises any health concerns, take note of this and help her to find a solution that will suit her.
  • Be persistent. Your mother will be delighted to be treated like a queen for the day, but it’s important to ensure that it isn’t only on Mother’s Day that she is appreciated. If your mother is doing a great job of looking after the family all year round, make sure she has the support and help she deserves every day. Make a rota for the rest of the family to ensure that the household tasks are divided up fairly and that Mum gets as much of a break as everyone else, and you’ll soon find that she can take even better care of the family when she feels cared for too!

Help your mum to fill her cup with one or more of our suggestions, and give her a very special Mother’s Day this year.

Our Customer Feedback:

Our experienced staff like nothing more than to help our customers lead full and active lives, free from the worry of foot pain. We love to hear from happy customers, who often write to tell us how much they have benefited from their visits to Foot Solutions. We are especially delighted to help out those wonderful customers who spend their lives caring for others, as these testimonials show:

Martha Hopkins told us,

“I took my mother to Foot Solutions for analysis as she has had ongoing issues with her feet for years. She finds walking painful and could never find comfortable shoes. We were met by Lisa, who was very professional and friendly. She spent well over an hour with my mother and explained everything in detail along the way. My mother left the place like a new woman with her new shoes and orthotics. I could notice the difference in her walking straight away. She’s delighted, so thank you, Lisa and Foot Solutions.”

It isn’t always easy for mothers and grandmothers to make the time to prioritise their own well being, and we find that many caring relatives make appointments for them and accompany them to the store in order to make sure that they are able to make the most of the experience.

Samantha Fagan Eager told us:

“I took my Nanny today and the staff were lovely… couldn’t have been more helpful. They took the time to speak to her instead of me and she loved it. She couldn’t stop smiling all the way home and looking at her new shoes. She also said she will never buy shoes anywhere else, she was so happy to have a pair of shoes that don’t hurt her feet.”

Find Solutions to Foot Pain in Ireland

Here at Foot Solutions, we are always here to help you to find the very best solutions to keep your feet looking and feeling great. You can book an appointment for your Mum at Foot Solutions or enquire about our Gift Vouchers for Mother’s Day.

You can pop into your local store to talk to us, or book an appointment online today for yourself or a loved one, and we will help you to transform the way your feet feel for Mother’s Day and all year round!