Finding The Best Arch Support For Your High Arches

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Here at Foot Solutions, we know about feet! We see many customers who have developed foot pain from wearing shoes that do not fit their feet correctly, and others who have simply never been properly fitted for shoes or custom arch supports that suit their feet.

Every foot is unique, and most people do not know much about the shape of their feet and may have been wearing the wrong shoes for years. One in five people has high arched feet, where the weight and pressure are unevenly distributed in the heel and the ball of the foot, putting pressure on these areas. High arches can lead to several foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions and ankle instability, and seeking expert help can enable you to find comfortable solutions for life.

How To Prevent Pain And Injury From High Arches

1. Visit Foot Solutions. Here at Foot Solutions, we are so much more than a shoe shop. Our professional fitters are trained to scan and measure feet and fit custom arch supports and footwear that fit the foot exactly. Our customised arch supports are made in our laboratory, and when a customer is fitted with these, we know it will made a huge difference to his or her comfort levels every day.

2. Wear arch supports. You may find that arch supports are the best solution to the discomfort caused by high arches, and customised options are unique to your foot so often offer the most effective outcomes. You will need to give yourself time to adjust to wearing your arch supports, and we ask our customers to come back within two weeks of being fitted with them so that we can address any issues and make necessary adjustments.

3. Be vigilant. As with most things, your feet can change over time and you may find that you need to return and see if a better solution can be found if you are no longer comfortable. Our customers are welcome to come back to us as many times as needed to ensure optimum comfort and relief from problems.

4. Expect better. Some people simply begin to ignore pain in their feet and accept that they live with this on a daily basis. We want to help every client to have a pain free experience whether walking, standing still or exercising, and we know that there are many options to make a positive difference for you. We may try adjusting arch height, adding or repositioning the metatarsal pads, adding cushioning or adding forefront extensions to increase comfort and reduce pain.

Visit Us To Find Solutions To Foot Pain

Your feet work hard to support your body and carry you through your life, and it makes sense to take care of them to ensure wellness into old age. Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions for a professional fitting, and talk to us about finding the best styles for your feet.

Pop into Foot Solutions today and try our stylish and comfortable ranges of shoes for work, training or casual wear.